Our Company, advancing companies at the speed of innovation.
Our Company promotes innovation thru the applied use of reseach in development and application.
Our Company has expertise in the area of web application development, conversion, aerospace development (including STK, OPNET, NetSim, and Weather Sentinel tools), and intelligent system development.

Our Company provides expertise in all aspects of Web Development servises and support as well as, Aerospace services and intelligent systems. Our Company mission thru innovation, is to provide solutions to a variety of different industries.  
Our Company currently provides the following services:

Our Company is currently working on providing the following services in the future:

Through research, development, and application Our Company creates innovative means of improving today's businesses.

In order to fulfill this duty, our goal at Our Company is quite simple - use ingenuity to increase product complexity and shorten the product life cycle, while increasing our customers' expectations.

Experience, across a variety of industries and disciplines, enables Our Company to develop practical, but inventive, solutions to streamline an organization's processes and systems.

Helping companies solve problems and establish innovative responses to the ever-demanding marketplace, Our Company helps today's companies develop the ideas and products to become tomorrow's leaders.

  Our Company utilizes research, application, and development to specialize in aerospace services, intelligent systems, and web development and applications.  
Our Company encourages you to particpate in these upcoming events.
August 2-4, Los Angeles, CA
STK Users Conference
October 11 - 14, 2005 Washington, DC
  BACIMO 2005 Conference
October 12 - 14, 2005 Monterey, CA
Upcoming events  
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